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Princess Classic Team Florida AAU Acro Results

Team Florida hosted its first state qualifying competition for Acrobatic Gymnastics at the Princess & Knight Classic Feb. 9th. It was beyond amazing! The beauty, balance, strength and dynamics of this awesome sport was displayed in 25 intricate, dynamic routines in women’s pairs and trios and mixed pairs of male and female. Levels 3-8 were contested. Acro is a great way to add to your program without any addition of equipment. It can easily be taught through the AAU progressive program and all different sizes of athletes participate as each pair routine needs a “Base” who is larger and a “Top” who is smaller. In trios, 1 Base, 1 Middle snd 1 Top are used and in a Quad, 4 athletes participate and can change positions. Kids LOVE Acro because it is a true partner sport. They must depend on one another for success unlike artistic gymnastics, which is a totally individual sport. All of Team Florida’s Acro programs practice just 1 or 2 days a week and do very well. Acro helps artistic gymnasts in many ways, learning balance, flexibility, strength, and artistry.

Congratulations to all our Acro competitors for qualifying to the state championship. You rock!

If you want more info regarding AAU Acro, please contact Kathy Stuenkel, National Chair at [email protected]

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